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Stressed about finding time to finish the latest selection in time for your next book club meeting? You might prefer to meet instead with a group over some light bites and a glass of beer or wine on the Creutzburg porch for some lively conversation about a PODCAST you've each listened to on your own beforehand.

Main Line School Night's new Podcast Club rolls out this summer. In anticipation of Summer Solstice and the full solar eclipse in August, the theme for this summer's four sessions will be "Oh, Heavens!"

Topics and facilitators include the following. You will be sent information about the podcast selection(s) to be discussed for each session at least one month prior.

6/14: Science Fiction: The Sky's the Limit - Gregory Frost, award-winning and bestselling author of fantasy, science fiction and historical thrillers
While science fiction is hardly just about adventures in outer space, science fiction authors continue to look to the sky for many of their stories. We'll take our discussion from 3 podcasts: an episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson's Star Talk Radio where Tyson and Chuck Nice answer listener questions, touching on everything from antimatter to the Big Bang; portions of a Starship Sofa podcast from the UK where author Geoffrey Landis talks about what would really happen if you were sucked out an airlock, and author Amy Sturgis discusses science fiction literary traditions; and an interview about science fiction writing with Nebula-Award-winning author John Kessel, who has set a series of stories and now a novel on the moon.

6/21: Asteroids, Stars and the Love of God - Michelle M. Francl, Phd, Chair & Professor of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College; Adjunct Scholar, Vatican Observatory
More than 30 objects on the moon are named after the Jesuits who mapped it. A Jesuit was one of the founders of modern astrophysics. And four Jesuits in history, including Ignatius of Loyola, have had asteroids named after them - Brother Guy Consolmagno and Father George Coyne being the two living men with this distinction. In a conversation filled with friendship and laughter, and in honor of the visit of Pope Francis to the U.S., we experience the spacious way they think about science, the universe, and the love of God.

6/28: Lions, Orions, and Bears - Oh My! Who's That Up There in Sky - Roslyn Blyn-LaDrew, PhD, University of Pennsylvania; Irish Literature Specialist
Cultures around the world have different explanations for the patterns the stars make in the sky (constellations). We may all know The Big Dipper, but did you know it is also called the (Starry) Plough? And the Great Wain? And that's just in Celtic and British folklore. Join us for some international tales and legends about their origins, and maybe even make a wish! No swinging on stars though!


Dates:June 14-28, 2017    Check for other dates
Meets:5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Location:Creutzburg Center
Instructor:Instructor Information
$81.00Course Fee

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Notes:Includes light appetizers, wine and beer.

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