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Introduction to Abstract Painting Tell a Friend about this Course

Discover the basics of abstract painting using different techniques and tools. Learn to tap into your innate creativity, let go of selfcriticism and be guided through every step of the acrylic painting process in an upbeat and positive atmosphere. Topics covered: various methods of paint application, color mixing, color pairing and experimentation with different surfaces. Explore the benefits of working multiple paintings simultaneously to gain perspectives on each. No experience necessary. All levels welcome!

Dates:October 2 - November 20, 2018    Check for other dates
Meets:6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location:Lower Merion High School
Instructor:Jule Snyder
$152.00Course Fee

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Notes:No class 11/6 Bring following supplies to class: -minimum of 7 colors, (must include white) These can be found at craft stores i.e. Michael's & AC Moore* for very cheap) -At least one palette knife with the 'blade' itself being no less than 2.5" (plastic ones are cheaper but don't work as well) -Tablet of palette paper, at least 8x10" -5-8 surfaces at least 8x8" (can be gessoed canvas board, stretched canvas or primed wood panel. Different surfaces will provide different effects) *the former 2 types of surfaces can be found at the before-mentioned stores at very low cost* -A spray bottle for water, container for water that your chosen brushes will fit in, a roll of paper towels -At least 3 brushes, no smaller than 1 inch (Home Depot highly recommended for these; larger brushes will more easily cover larger surfaces. The larger the surface, the larger the brush should be. I typically use a 3-5" wide brush to apply the first layers of any size painting) -paper bags to deconstruct and use beneath surfaces while painting/drying -A rubber wedge painting tool Optional: long/large palette knives and rubber wedge with handle

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