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There are no classes at Lower Merion High School, Tuesday evening, March 31. The school is closed for spring break.

Praise for Our Classes and Instructors

  • "If I had George as my high school teacher - I would have paid attention in class." MLSN Student, Crimea in Perspective with George D. Wrangham
  • "Vivian inspired me to get started and gave me great direction. Gave very specific, helpful insights and she really jump started my writing." MLSN Student, Jump Start Your Creative Writing with Vivian Grey
  • "Loved the variety of foods. Learned about the many "adjustments" that can be made from the recipes. Everything was made with us in mind." MLSN Student, Cooking with Adrian Seltzer
  • "I learned a new skill and appreciated all of the hands on help and advice." MLSN Student, Upholstering with Patrick Seyler
  • "Jim is so creative! Really enjoyed him. He relates well to us and inspires creativity. He picks projects that are attractive and not beyond our skills." MLSN Student, Creative Floral Arranging with Herban Design
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    Journeys of the Soul: Art and Imagination  

    Some artists have pushed the boundaries of art by going beyond normal perceptions to create images which speak directly to the soul. Explore the way art can depict emotions, dreams, states of mind, and even imaginary worlds. Look at specific works as well as art movements that changed the way people think about and see the world.

    Wednesday, starts 4/15
    (3 sessions), 11 am to 12 noon, Creutzburg Center


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